Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Story Starters or 20-word Openers

I recently discovered a chat room on Twitter where people suggest the opening 20-odd words for a story - story starters. So now I often try and do some as a warm-up before I write my 250 words each day. Here are a few of them.
  • They sat down together. Brian wiped his palms on his grubby jeans and looked up. "Catherine," he said without any emotion. #storystarters

  • The tight dress showed all her bulges - you could't call them curves. She stifled a yawn and scanned the coffee shop as he... #storystarters

  • Henry was reaching down for another CD so he didnt see the traffic stopped ahead. But he did look up in time to scream. #storystarters

  • Louise mouthed the headline with a terrified expression. "Sadistic rapist freed after mistrial." #storystarters

  • His arm was down her back, his hand on her slim waist. She sat contented. They were both in their 70s and still in love. #storystarters

  • He nodded and his eyes had that bleary look. Soon his chin fell onto his tie and the light glistened off his shiny head. #storystarters