Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wonderful Memories – WAG 12

I had plenty of time for this week’s Adventure as I spent an hour and a half on the train to London. Loads of time to scribble. The Adventure, an idea from Lulu, was to describe something from memory and include as much detail as possible including impressions. My own personal challenge was to write it in the first person (a new one for me) and from a female point of view (which I had done before, but never in this context). I’ll leave you to decide which parts are memories and which are pure fantasy. I suppose I should warn you that it contains erotic images.

Wonderful Memories

My thinking spot was calm and restful. All I could hear was the brook bubbling and a pair of buzzards screeching as they flirted high in the sky. The rough bark of the giant chestnut tree pressed into my back and the cool damp earth penetrated my blanket. I closed my eyes and thought of Robert. My mind wandered and drifted back to our first night together almost a year ago.

He’d sent me a text when he got the hotel and said that he’d book in and wait in his car. I felt just like a teenager again as I drove slowly up the gravel drive to a small country hotel that looked like it had been build by a wealthy Victorian industrialist. I saw Robert sat in his car and the butterflies in my stomach added to the tension so I took two attempts to park. At last I switched off the engine and he came over. He looked so elegant, handsome and sexy.

Fumbling to get my handbag off the passenger’s seat I almost dropped it, but luckily I didn‘t. I got out and managed to straightened my dress before he reached me. I’d chosen a little strappy summer one the colour of ripe peaches with heels to match. He said ‘you look lovely’ and kissed me on the lips before he took my hand. I’m sure I must have smiled even though my stomach was churning. He took my bag and we nervously walked hand in hand through the front door and, with a nod to the girl behind the desk, upstairs.

The room was a giant bay window in the shape of a semi-circle. Against the straight wall was a king sized bed positioned so you could look out over the formal rose garden and manicured lawns. I thought it was perfect place for our first tryst.

‘Lovely, isn’t it?’ He said as he put my bag down in the corner, ‘would you like to freshen up before we have a drink?’

‘Yes if you don’t mind’, I replied as I moved closer to him. I could almost feel the warmth of his body and sensed his nervousness. It was like we were fifteen again. He put his arms around me and we kissed slowly and softly. He smelt lovely and I felt him gently nibble my bottom lip which conjured up scrumptious thoughts and made me feel squidgy. Unfortunately he broke off, took a deep breath and said ‘why don’t you go and wash so we can then have a drink in the garden.’

I walked slowly to the bathroom and looked around seductively as I opened the door. I kept him waiting for a few minutes before I came out with fresh lipstick and a sly smile. We walked downstairs onto the terrace and he picked a table for two overlooking the rose garden and the fields towards the church in the distance. The waiter came over with the menus and Robert asked what I’d like to drink. I suggested dry white wine as I didn’t want to fall asleep quite yet. He ordered a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Drinks and dinner were leisurely and, even though I could see that Robert was eager, I took my time to savour the food and even ordered coffee to build the anticipation. So it was about 10 o’clock when we eventually walked upstairs hand in hand. He was obviously nervous as he fumbled with the key a few times before he managed to unlock the door.

Although it was still light outside and the curtains were open, he’d left on one of the bedside lamps. My heart was in my mouth as he moved slowly and purposefully towards me, leant down and kissed me on the mouth. His lips were soft, moist and tasted sweet in spite of the coffee. I felt his hands wander down my back and over my bottom. I pulled myself into him and he responded by sliding his hands up my sides until they were almost on my breasts. I knew that he could feel the curve of my left breast and I felt his hand move slowly until the palm pressed on my nipple. I knew he would feel it getting erect and that excited me.

He gently slipped the straps of my dress over my shoulders and I wiggled my hips so it slid down to the floor. I stepped backwards out of it and started to unbutton his shirt. ‘My turn now,’ I thought as I put my palms on his chest and pushed it off his shoulders. Then I pulled him close so I could feel his bare chest against my body. ‘I love skin,’ I whispered in a deep sexy voice.

‘Yes, so do I,’ he murmured.

I wanted him to undo my bra, but he didn’t. So I pulled his shirt out of his trousers and let it fall to the floor. Backing towards the bed I sat down, kicked off my heels and lay back with my hands behind my head to watch him take off his shoes, socks and chinos. He looked fit and I was glad that I’d bought some special underwear. I knew that I’d made the right choice when I saw the pleasure on his face as he feasted his eyes on my lacy balcony-bra and tiny panties. Peachy and almost see through with tiny light brown flowers embroidered in the silk. I closed my eyes as he knelt down beside me, smelt his aftershave and imagined him admiring my smooth body.

It seemed ages before I felt his breath on my tummy which was quickly followed by a kiss just before he ran his fingertips over the top of my leg. My stomach stirred with anticipation as he moved his kisses further up my body almost casually brushing each of my breasts through my bra. I heard myself moan and could feel my nipples pressing hard against the fabric. The sensation sent a tingle down my body and I desperately wanted him to take it off and suck them hard. Instead he kissed my neck and eased his finger under the top of my bra to rub it against my nipple. He lay down beside me and flicked his tongue into my ear which made me shiver. I turned towards him and smiled as he tweaked the clash of my bra between his thumb and fore finger. Oh what relief to feel my breasts set free at last.

I sensed rather than felt his lips brush lightly over my left nipple, but I felt myself quiver when the tip of his tongue circled the one on my right breast. Now I wanted him and I pulled his head down so he would suck them hard. The sensation was delicious. I felt his fingers moving between my legs and I knew that my wetness was seeping through my panties. The knot in my stomach tightened when he pulled them to one side. I reached down and grasped him, he felt good.

At that moment the urgency overwhelmed us both and with a flurry of limbs we were lying naked side by side. I turned him onto his back and sat astride his stomach with a wicked laugh. He responded by reaching up and rolling both my nipples between a finger and thumb. I leant back and he pulled hard. There was no pain, just exquisite pleasure.

I saw him watch as I bent down towards him and sensed his skin tingle as I swept my breasts over his tummy. I could now feel him hard between my cleavage and I knew that my hair brushed against his chest when I teased and kissed him. Suddenly he rolled me onto my back and, with a sense of urgency, I reached down to guide him. It wasn’t long before I was panting as I rode the wave and I felt myself squeeze him tighter and tighter as I got louder and louder until my legs shook and shook.

We lay there in each other’s arms with the breeze from the open window cooling the sweat off our bodies. As I started to doze I knew that I’d always cherish the pressure of his chest against my breasts and the comfort of our legs intertwined. I kissed him gently before I drifted into a blissful sleep.

I subconsciously felt Robert stir and vaguely heard the doves cooing outside the window. I thought that he reached out to check that I was still here before he kissed me gently on the cheek. I felt his hands wander over my back and I started to come alive. My skin tingled as he ran his fingers down my backbone and between my legs. I felt myself drift into another world as he started to work his magic on me. Almost automatically I pressed my hips towards him so I could feel him hard against my stomach.

Much later we sat in bed drinking tea and chatting about nothing in particular.

A blackbird suddenly rustled in the bushes and dragged me back to my thinking spot. I smiled wistfully as I remember the wonderful moments we’d had together, now just memories. We were married, it was just a shame it was not to each other.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

In a Jam – WAG 11 (Writing Adventure Group)

I was awash in a sea of stop lights. Grid lock is never fun and after ten minutes I was already fed up. I glanced to the guy in the car to my left and watched him frantically rub his nose. It must be an itch. What is it they say? A row or a surprise.

I looked to the front and stared at the line of stationary traffic. ‘God we’re going to be here ages,’ I muttered. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him prod the end of his nose with his right forefinger. Well it can’t be an itch, it must be something else. I was intrigued and turned my head slightly so I could watch him without appearing to stare. But he didn’t care, he was totally immersed in his nose. I turned so I could see him properly.

He leaned forward and adjusted his driving mirror. Then, tilting his head so he could see better, he pushed the tip of his nose upwards with his finger. Was it a spot or a growth? Or maybe it was something even more sinister like cancer. His face was now about an inch from the mirror and he wiggled the tip of his nose with his finger and peered into his nostrils. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

Suddenly he sprung out of his seat and let out a silent scream. I saw a red spider slide out of his left nostril and fall onto his lap.


I wrote this after I watched a man playing with his nose in a traffic jam. He did everything I described, only the last two sentences above are actually fiction. OK, so maybe I didn’t follow the instructions completely.

Instructions for WAG #11: Scaredy-Cat

Another people-watching exercise! Choose a stranger and observe him/her for a little while. Now give them a phobia. A full-on, jump on the chair, scream like a little girl, unreasonable fear. (Or however you imagine them to respond.) Try to choose something that fits the person you’re watching, and let us know what it is about them that clued you in to their secret fear. The object is not just to describe the fear, but to make us understand why it fits with this particular person.