Monday, 12 July 2010

Fast Fiction for #WAG29 - Coffee & Scissors

This week's WAG (Writing Adventure Group) is about habits: ours, a characters, or someone I've observed (we're all such stalkers). It can be anything from the unconscious way someone touches their face when they talk, or a deep-in-their-bones addiction. Your piece can be as long or short as you want, using any form you like. No Rules! Now Write!

As a challenge I thought that I'd write in the second person point of view. Not sure if it works, what do you think?

Coffee and Scissors

You'd already got your coffee when Pauline plonked her bag on her usual table and joined the back of the queue. You watched as she fidgeted while she waiting to order her particular brew - a three-shot cappuccino with soya. You took a sip of your own and saw the barista pass her a stack of magazines from the back room.

It was exactly the same last week. She took them to her table and went back to collect her coffee and almond croissant. Glancing at your watch you wrote the time in your notebook and checked what you'd written last Tuesday. The same to a tee; day, time, table, coffee, croissant, magazines and scissors. "Strange," you thought. "But that's what eccentric mystery authors must be like."

You took a deep breath because you needed to go for it before she got stuck in with the scissors. Getting up, you nonchalantly wandered off towards the toilet. But as you passed her table you did a double-take and said, "Pauline Prentice, isn't it?" She looked up and smiled. That's when you knew deep inside that the interview would work out.

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  1. Since you asked, I'm not crazy about second person; however, this is as good as I've seen. Nice concrete details.